Briefing - Tanzanian earth protectors

GreenFaith International invites ARRCC members and friends to their upcoming

Global briefing on responding to crisis for Tanzanian GreenFaith volunteers

Three weeks ago, ten of our GreenFaith Tanzania activists were detained and interrogated by their government for speaking publicly against the destructive East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). The Tanzanian government and police are now regularly intimidating and harassing our GreenFaith volunteers. The authorities have forced them to report weekly to a police station 70 miles from their homes. These brave people of faith have been subjected to long, intense interrogations, and police have seized their phones on several occasions. This is a clear example of an escalating trend of intimidation and suppression that climate activists are experiencing all over the world.

Because of this crisis and our responsibility to our members, GreenFaith is redirecting our efforts toward protecting our grassroots leaders in Tanzania. While some communities around the world, including our partners in Australia, will move forward with Faiths for Climate Justice actions between April-September, GreenFaith will devote substantial energy and resources to protecting our volunteers and pressuring Total, CNOOC, and the governments of Tanzania and Uganda to #StopEACOP. 

Please join our global briefing call on Monday. You will hear directly from local people affected by EACOP, learn how you can take action, and participate in a live Q &A.

Monday 22 April, 11am AEST, 10.30am SA, 9am WA:  REGISTER HERE 


Note that ARRCC is going ahead with Faiths for Climate Justice in September. 

April 22, 2024 at 11:00am - 12pm