Individual Action

Our religious traditions all remind us of our responsibility to care for the earth as a precious gift. If we want to protect life on earth, we must move quickly to renewable energy and leave most of our coal, oil and gas in the ground. Instead, Australia is one of the most carbon-intensive economies in the world. Now that COP 26 is over there is much to be done. See here for a full breakdown. 

While we all want to see sound public policies implemented more quickly, as an individual we can take effective action now to align our finances with our faith to protect the planet.  

As members, beneficiaries and customers of institutional investors such as super funds, banks and insurance companies, each of us can play a powerful role in moving Australia's economy out of fossil fuels and into clean energy.

Today you can bring on the clean energy revolution by:

  • Making your money count
  • Contacting your super fund
  • Putting your bank on notice
  • Joining peaceful direct citizen action
  • Attending our workshops for more information

Make your money count

Did you know that 55% of the world's superannuation is invested in high-carbon assets while less than 2% is invested in clean energy? Have you heard that Australia's big 4 banks are funding coal and gas projects in some of our most precious eco-systems such as the Great Barrier Reef? Tell your financial institution/s that profiting from climate wreckage is morally unacceptable and financially risky:

Contact your super fund

If super funds switched even a fraction of their investments to renewables, it would completely transform the energy industry! We have the opportunity to radically shift superannuation from the world's biggest fossil fuel investor to a climate change champion. Join Market Forces' Super campaign to find out where your super is invested and how your fund is managing climate change risks: 

This year our Divestment team, with the help of Market Forces, been campaigning Catholic Super and the ACSRF. If you belong to either of these funds, and you would like to send a letter to their CEO, Please find below two draft emails. The contact information is on the letter. 


Catholic Super

Put your bank on notice

If your money is with one of Australia's big 4 banks, then you're investing in fossil fuel projects. Join Market Forces' Banks campaign to tell your bank to stop funding fossil fuel expansion and, if they take no action, commit to shifting to a better bank:

Individuals choosing to divest from one of the 'big four' banks in 2013, at a protest organised by 350.org.

Join peaceful direct citizen action

Mahatma Gandhi created a model that many have followed. Citizen action has been a part of ending injustices like apartheid in South Africa and black civil rights violations in the United States – now it's time to do the same on climate. Over the coming years, we'll be asking people to do more than just write letters. We'll be asking you to join others in actively stopping new fossil fuel projects.

For information on faith-based protest call ARRCC on (02) 9150 9713 or e-mail [email protected].


We may also be able to influence a religious organisation to which we belong to align their finances with faith to protect the planet.