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Pope urged on divestment by Catholic Bishops of Philippines

On the eve of the much awaited Papal visit in the Philippines, local faith groups, theological schools, and development organizations in Manila came together to urge Pope Francis to help usher in a fossil-free era to address the climate crisis.

ARRCC's response to the MCA

Our reply to the Minerals Council of Australia after open letter to the G20

Uniting Church Minister: why I take part in civil disobedience

Why peaceful actions against coal mining at the Leard Forest?

Letter From Minerals Council of Australia

The Minerals Council of Australia letter in response to the open letter published in the Courier Mail newspaper on 12 November 2014.

Film clip of faith leaders press conference for G20

diverse leaders speak eloquently with one voice

Open letter to leaders of G20 in Brisbane

fossil fuels versus global poverty at G20

Climate Change and Islam

Professor Lesley Hughes & Heather Fagan speak at launch of Islamic Climate Action Kit

Murray Lobley receives Premier's Award

ARRCC Committee member Murray Lobley was recently awarded the Victorian Premier’s Award for Community Harmony.

Refusing to profit from destroying the earth

Author: Miriam Pepper

On Thursday June 26th a group of eight Ministers and lay people from Uniting, Catholic, Anglican and Brethren Churches participated in civil disobedience in northern NSW. They included two grandmothers. Locking on to a device in the shape of a cross, they publicly prayed together and managed to stop mining equipment from entering the site for five hours. Four people were arrested including two Ministers.

ARRCC supports Gomeroi elders and custodians

Author: Miriam Pepper

The Gomeroi Elders and Traditional Custodians held a candle-lit vigil, smoking ceremony and Corroboree in Gunnedah this Wednesday evening. The Gomeroi have invited the community to support their right to maintain their culture and sacred rites, and to protest with them that seven of their sacred sites in the Leard State Forest have been destroyed by Whitehaven Coal.