Inclusion and respectful conduct

Statement of inclusion and respectful conduct  

ARRCC is a faith-based organisation. As such we aim to be true to the values and wisdom of the religions, faith traditions and pathways of spiritual practice that we follow.   

We uphold the intrinsic worth of all life and the environment that sustains it, recognising that while humans are a part of that life, our knowledge and power give us particular responsibility to care for the whole.  

We believe that each person is worthy of respect, dignity, inclusion and kindness, regardless of their age, ethnicity, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, financial status, education or religious beliefs.  

When we express our views in public, as advocates and activists for climate justice, we will use only peaceful, non-violent means, showing respect at all times towards both those with whom agree and disagree, including bystanders, police, property owners and people in authority.  

We ask all ARRCC supporters who participate in any events, gatherings and campaigns where ARRCC has a presence, to adhere to these principles at all times.